Networking sucks. Because people don’t give a shit.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Yours is probably the second honest article I read here — and I must have read about 30 articles yesterday and today, just to get at what exactly Medium has to offer. Finally something that’s against the whole “connectedness” hypocrisy of today’s diversity-embracing-while-constantly-dividing dominant mainstream discourse.

Like somebody here said, it’s a breath of fresh air — something rare to find on the Net, much easier to find in books.

Finally somebody who’s willing to admit that most of the connectivity/linkediness/corporate networking stuff is shit.

My temporary motto is that if you’re really good, you should manage to get money without sucking ass. And if you must suck ass, you’re probably not that good anyway.

It was great reading your piece. Puts commodification of people into a new perspective.

You see, what I started to realize is that most network users treat people like they treat apps: if they can’t use you, they won’t give you their time.

But use is the word, mostly — and you can switch and play with it whatever way you want, it somehow doesn’t feel right when it describes human-to-human relationships.

Anyway, thanks for the lovely piece. I may disagree with you on a lot of stuff, but I definitely feel you here.

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