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Design by Boris Rijksen, based on design by Delia Mennell

27 artists made art on the virus or on quarantine. Come see, buy and support their work at Chateau.Amsterdam, October 21st 2020.

In March, we took it upon ourselves to organise the first post-pandemic art expo. Because art is vital. Because artists can use all the support they can get. And because it gave us a nice dot on the horizon to work towards.

Even though the end of the pandemic is not in sight, we’ve decided now’s the time to host the expo. In real life first, and digitally after.

Because: who knows how long all of this will last? In the meantime, we can all use a shot of art and a good glass of wine– socially distanced.

And those artists can use a little pick-me-up, too. …


Sidney Vollmer

Writer & freelance creative strategist. Last book: “ON/OFF” out now. | Member of the myndr movement. Hodl’er. More about me:

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