Crypto Scams

“Hello friend. I am the founder of ShitCoinXtreme[SCX]. I have an exclusive deal for you. Big discount in pre-ICO. So exclusive, many use-cases. You buy, yes?”

One aspect of due diligence is checking for scams. These are some tips for people new to this. This will be basic stuff to some of you.

1) Find the team on LinkedIn/Twitter

Does the site claim a developer has 8 years experience but their LinkedIn profile was created 1 month ago? How many connections do they have? Expect hundreds if they are genuine.

2) Twitter Audit

Don’t expect to see 100% real followers on any large Twitter profile but be suspicious if the % is very low.

3) Check if profile pictures are stolen

In Chrome you can right-click an image and search it in Google. From the results page see if you can find any other profiles which use different names.

Example: A scammer made this profile:

If we search the image:

We see pages that contain the image

We just found the real person the scammer stole the photo from (an older profile with more connections).

4) Domain check

Interpreting these is not so straight-forward but might provide clues.

5) Plagiarism check

Is the whitepaper copied from somewhere? There are lots of tools for this.

6) Before buying: Video evidence that the person(s) exists

Nothing beats this.


I learned some of these tricks from Noclue, Bronson, & VerthagOG

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My Telegram: @Siegfried_JW