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March 2019 Update:

Many things have happened in the past few months.

Bitgrail was hacked which caused a short term dip (my condolences to anyone affected — I know several people who have been devastated by this)

Charlie Lee and Garry Tan have taken an interest in Nano.

The release of the mobile wallet is helping to get attention.

20th October Update:

Raiblocks has disabled the faucet and is burning most of the remaining undistributed amount. People like CryptoMessiah are rallying around the team and helping them to get noticed. Now the team can focus their full attention on improving the tech and supporting any needs that exchanges might have in order to get listed.
The team also moved to Discord:

Raiblocks team turns off the faucet. The crypto world applauds.

Facts from here on were correct at the time of writing (13th–14th July 2017)

1. Team

  • Colin Lemahieu — Coin designer
  • mikerow — Web developer
  • sergsw/byte16 — Network supporter
  • Timothy Redaelli — System administrator

Colin’s github profile:

Colin’s LinkedIn profile:

The LinkedIn profile looks genuine, he has 233 connections and many endorsements (I’m 3rd-degree connected to him through some tech recruiters apparently…) That profile also authored an article about Raiblocks which confirms this is the same person.

Twitter audit has a very positive result.

Colin’s bitcointalk profile posted about development as early as January 2015:

Team interview from 2014:

2. Goal of the project

“ RaiBlocks is designed to be a scalable instant transactions and zero fees by design cryptocurrency.”

White Paper:

Developer comment on slack:

The technical concept is interesting but I need to do further reading on it. It is based on the electrical engineering concept of arbiter circuits.

3. Distribution

(EDIT:See the updated section at the top. Distribution through the faucet is complete and no new supply is being created.)

4. Developer Activity

Github activity:

Apart from a gap in the second half of 2016 there has been ongoing development here for over 3 years.

There have been issues with the stability of the wallet but apparently it’s much better now than it used to be.

The dev is very active on slack and seems to respond to questions quickly.

5. Exchange speculation

XRB might be on Bittrex as soon as some stability issues are fixed by the developer but this has been discussed for a while.

About 80% of volume is currently traded on Bitgrail, the “Raiblocks Dedicated Exchange”.

The 24 hour volume (13th July) on Bitgrail is about $26,000 which is higher than 30% of the traded pairs on Bittrex.

Bitgrail worked fine for me when I bought XRB and withdrew it but I hope it does go to Bittrex soon so we get a better looking interface (with options for different time-frame candles!)

Try doing TA on this…

6. Growth speculation

The current market cap of the circulating supply (26% of total) is about $3 million, putting it at #227.

Even if this coin never enters the top 100 there is a lot of room for growth.

7. Closing Comments

In spite of the negative points I still think this project is undervalued. I’ll be looking for an opportunity to increase my % in this if the price drops a little more.

I hope the developer finds a new method of distribution that isn’t based on manual labor in the captcha mines. That kind of distribution doesn’t attract people with long term investment in mind.

Your typical captcha miners after a hard day’s work

Trade NANO on Binance HERE


Sachin for letting us know about this.

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