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Staying Grounded By Trying Something Different

Pexels- Alisha Mishra

Last Sunday, I decided to try something new:


Well, not really. Just making a smoothie ;)

However, it felt like I was grown up because the recipe used many ingredients. This made me happy because I like cooking. After all, it makes me feel more mature and grounded. I looked up recipes for a smoothie without a banana because, sadly, we did not have any… However, this made the recipe more interesting! I’m telling you, it happened for a reason.

While gathering ingredients, I listened to Hamilton music (my new obsession). It was such a lovely time. I put my own hard work and love into this smoothie. It was so magical to add the ingredients and blend them all together.

The smoothie was not the best, but it wasn’t horrible! It was a little too sugary for me. However, I will never forget that moment because of how grounding and centering it was for me!

Comment down below your favorite things to bake or cook! I would love to hear your feedback!



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Sienna Krieg

Sienna Krieg

16-year-old who’s on her spiritual journey