How To Make Oral Hygiene Fun For Your Kids

Kids like to have fun in everything they do. As their parent, it is important that you are teaching them how to take care of their oral health in a way that they can relate to — through making oral health care a game. Yes, it is always a game for kids. They’ll listen and pay attention if you show them that you are enjoying oral health just like you are playing a game.

How did I learn about this technique? Well, I’m a mom and I’m enjoying oral hygiene with my kids. It’s hard at first because you need to get your child’s attention and interest. If you explain it to a toddler, the child would not understand anything. So for my child, what I did was, I started it with shopping.

Yes, you read it right- shopping for oral hygiene supplies together. Let your child choose what color is the toothbrush, what toothpaste to use, and a glass to use when brushing. Moms, this part should not be in your preference. As for my little girl, we had a Barbie tooth brush and orange flavored toothpaste. Of course, pink floral glass is always included. In fact, we shop every 2–3 months for our oral hygiene supplies and she’s enjoying it always.

Just because oral hygiene is something that should be taken seriously, it doesn’t mean that kids can’t have fun about it. At the early age, you need to expose them about oral care and you need to position it as fun game for them.

Once your child is old enough to hold toothbrush alone and comprehend what the goal is, you can allow him or her to take turns when it comes to brushing his or her teeth. This means that you let your child do the brushing and you take over, making sure your child is doing it correctly and at the same time, teaching your child how to do it.

When your child turns 3 and knows how to spit out the toothpaste and water, you can increase the amount of toothpaste. Start with a size of a pea. Usually, kids can do brushing alone at the age of 6, but still you need to guide them especially with the flossing.

Another way to teach your child the best oral hygiene practices is to show to them that you are enjoying it yourself. If you brush and floss 3–4 times a day, and they are seeing that you’re doing it well and enjoying it at the same time as a habit, they would be interested in making it a habit as well.

You can visit your dentist together and have that impression that you are enjoying dental sessions. Show to your child that it is fun! This way, your child will know and understand the importance of oral hygiene as he or she grows older.

Give your child a gift of knowledge in taking care of his or her oral hygiene. I promise you, you’ll maintain your child’s smiles and self-esteem in facing what life has to offer.

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