What is the most significant product created by Product Designers/ Developers?

As explained in my previous blog post, one of the most significant products created is 3D printed organs even including the human heart. In addition, with the help of Product Designers/ Developers prosthetic limbs have also been improved greatly when it comes to structure, function, and even how it looks! According to the National Institutes of Health, Product Designers/Developers have been able to 3D print prosthetic hearts allowing many people to live much longer healthy lives. Robert Morrison who is a surgeon that actually performed a life saving procedure using a 3D printer claims that, “”When we talk about 3D printing and medicine, we talk about how you really need to switch how you even think about approaching these conditions,” because 3D printing completely changes the way the medical field functions. Product Designers/ Developers have truly revolutionized the medical field along with many other fields. I agree with Morrison when he suggests that the biggest breakthroughs in design have been in medicine. But I also believe that there is another product that has had a big impact on society.

Steve Jobs was also mentioned in my previous blog post because I found that he is one of the most well known and successful product designers/ developers. Steve Jobs is best know for Apple and creating the iPhone which I believe has had just as big of an impact on the way we communicate as the prosthetic limbs and 3D printed organs have had on the medical field. For example, according to CNN the iPhone has completely changed the way we communicate. Rarely do individuals call each other anymore seeing as it is much easier to text or simply check up on an individual over social media on websites such Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter.

Also, the iPhone opened up individuals up to constantly living in a state of poly- consciousness. When living in a state of poly- consciousness individuals are unable to have conversations as in depth as what would be possible without the presence of a phone. Although many individuals see the iPhone as a negative product Steve Job’s success is proof that most individuals can’t resist having an iPhone.

The iPhone allows for individuals to have most of the features of a computer in the palm of their hand. Product Designers/ Developers are often overlooked as having any part of this process because individuals are quick to be impressed with the software on the phone. Behind the scenes Product Designers/ Developers have to work with software developers in order to put all of these extravagant features into one small device.

As far as the design of the iPhone itself goes, few can complain about it. The iPhone is small, sleek, perfectly fits in your hand and is extremely well thought out. Steve Jobs also left room for improvement, with today’s Product Designers/ Developers constantly working to make the camera and speakers better and phone itself lighter. Steve Jobs is proof that not only are Product Designers/ Developers involved with designing and developing the outside of products but they are also involved with the software on the product itself. By being involved with the software as well Product Designers/ Developers are able to form a vehicle to house all of this software and make it easily accessible and run smoothly. Product Designers/ Developers create several significant products in every field and it is unfair to compare the different products across different fields of work.