Próximo Destino: Belsy Garcia-Manrique

By Sierra Boone

Belsy Garcia-Manrique’s got a life story unlike many of the people her age. At 25, she’s dealt with the realities of being undocumented in the United States. But despite her hardships, Belsy is on her way to obtaining her MD and becoming a doctor. In this story, learn how Belsy credits her past for the success of her present and the potential of her future.

Since she was a child, Belsy has dreamt of the day when she would take care of others for a living. In front of the line, Belsy’s sign reads, “I am a nurse and I take care of the sick.”

Mucho de la conversación en materia de inmigración se basa en números. Aquí está la oportunidad de leer, ver y escuchar una historia personal que añade personalidad al tema de la inmigración y a los que afecta.