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Sep 3, 2018 · 3 min read

Latin American videogame Fhacktions ranks # 1 in USA

Location based games are not the same anymore since FHACKTIONS came out. A game that allows you to battle other teams in real time while conquering real places in your city.

The videogame Fhacktions, developed by the studio Posibillian Tech (Paraguay), is currently being featured by Google worldwide, in its Play Store.

It is the first time that a Paraguayan app or videogame is in the main page of the Google Play Store globally, on five continents, and in 17 languages, simultaneously. In addition, the game quickly climbed positions to become the number 1 title in the “Adventure” category, in the United States, and continues to climb positions in countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania, with an average of 35,000 installations per day (the figure grows day by day).

Last week a game update was released with many improvements, including a total of 17 languages, a redesigned menu and screens, full in-app store, many optimizations and changes based on the experiences and feedback of Paraguayan and Latin American players who have been supporting this game since its beta launc, more than a year ago, and without whom it would have been impossible to reach the quality of the current product.

Fhacktions is the most successful Paraguayan videogame to date, surpassing the two hundred thousand downloads currently and growing daily in the number of players on the two platforms where it is available: Android and iOS.

“This is what hacking actually looks like…” — Edward Snowden

FHACKTIONS is a mobile video game that combines geolocation with the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), where the player can create or join a faction of hackers that must conquer servers located at strategic points in the city. When attacking real locations, battles are fought in real time between teams of up to 5 v 5 participants. The battles are short and intense, and the faction that wins will become the new owner of the place. Once the servers are conquered, they will provide virtual currency and experience points, as well as various prizes.

Fhacktions was a finalist for the Google Play Indie Games Festival LATAM in February 2018, selected among the 15 best games launched in the region in the last two years, and was also awarded the Indie Prize for “Best Sound”, in USA in 2017, and was twice finalist of the Indie Prize in the Best Multiplayer Game category, in Asia and Europe, in 2017.

The game has generated a lot of attention among geolocation gamers, by adding a unique component in the genre, battles in real time, which makes it more fun, attractive and exciting, to go out and explore the city in search of the domination of each faction.

Fundamental characteristics:

• The game is free to download

• Geolocation conquest mode

• Frantic battles of up to 5 v 5 participants and Quick Battle mode

• Different avatars with dozens of skills to choose from

• Full customization of your avatar’s appearance

• Create your own faction and invite your friends to dominate the world!

• Persistent world in constant evolution

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