Can you still find love while ugly as a fence post?
It’s Time to Trash Body Positivity

This is the crux of your entire piece. This is literally what beauty is for. You’re getting lost in the weeds.

The importance of beauty begins and ends in sexual reproduction. Everything else you mentioned is just a symptom of this.

Beauty is social shorthand for both men and women determining whether your genes are any good to mix my genes with.

Since we’re all still wired to be living on the savannah, worrying constantly about getting eaten or not being able find enough things to eat ourselves, we evolved ways to intuit statistically useful shortcuts to solve complex problems. Complex problems like “is that woman worth spending time, effort, and resources to convince to mate with me?”

Beauty was the one-look shorthand our lazy brains came up with. There is plenty of evidence for this.

You’re applying sociology to a biological phenomenon and trying to square the circle by discounting the biology entirely. It won’t end well. You should look at biology first, sociology last.

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