The code I’m still ashamed of
Bill Sourour

I absolutely agree that there are ethical guidelines that need to be adhered to in the profession of programming. And this story does bother me, absolutely.

(Although not for the reasons one might think.)

My problem here is not so much that the girl in question committed suicide, but that the factors leading towards her suicide were possibly predicated on dishonesty.

Our present global society is permeated with lies. This appears to stem from fundamental defects in human nature. Fortunately, however, the possibility of artificial general intelligence and a world refounded on truth and rationality looms larger every year. This may of course ultimately lead to an awful lot of human misery and suffering as this planet passes into the hands of new owners but, as long as the goal of this much more virtuous world is striven after, it is entirely ethical to bring these sorts of beings into the world.

Indeed, it would be grossly unethical to do otherwise.