5 Steps to Restoring the Effectiveness of Your PPC Campaign

Apparently, PPC advertising is a gateway to online success for several marketers out there.

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To some small businesses and beginners, however, it is always challenging to drive traffic through pay per click advertising. While every business manages to attract small gains and favourable changes in the beginning, most lose their track down the road and undermine their campaign.

That said, we have come up with a little help by gathering immediate steps you can take in an attempt to boost your ineffective PPC campaign.

#1. Abandon ineffective keywords now

When your PPC campaign doesn’t seem to yield good results for your business, it’s definitely time to look back into your keywords.

Using the right mix of keywords remains one of the most crucial factors contributing to PPC success. Sift through the keywords in use, narrow down the selection and cut out the keyword junk that is not going to help you anyway.

Insider Advice:

· Broad match keywords are a good means to get your business more exposure but also a source of irrelevant traffic.

· Focus on exact match keywords or phrases to avoid spending your money on irrelevant links.

#2. When negative keywords make sense

It may sound inappropriate to some marketers but adding negative keywords to your campaign is necessary to tackle bad searches.

A large amount of total campaign costs is wasted on bad searches when your ads are displayed for keyword searches that have nothing to do with the products you sell. To get the most out of your effort and money, define negative keywords for your campaign that specify where your ads should not appear.

Insider Advice:

· To create a good list of negative keywords add the most irrelevant ones to your campaign.

· Analyse your search query report to find out inappropriate search queries displaying your ads.

#3. Reconstruct the landing page

A PPC ad that gets a lot of traffic only to direct it to an irrelevant landing page is probably doing more harm than good to your business.

Not only does the irrelevance of the landing page foil the sales process but it also leads to poor ad quality score. Sometimes, even for the highest level of traffic there are little or no conversions. In order to achieve high conversion rates, it is important to make the landing page as specific to your targeted keywords as possible.

Inside Advice

· Include relevant, meaningful and original content on the page.

· Make sure your landing page loads as soon as someone click on your ad.

· Make the page mobile-friendly and incorporate easy navigation.

#4. Heed the quality score

Google rates ads with a quality score that provides an insight into the quality and relevant of both your keywords and PPC ads.

This score is based on varied factors including the quality and relevance of the landing page, originality of ad text and keyword practicality. Higher quality scores are certainly linked with low cost per click (CPC) and high ROI.

Insider Advice:

· Improving quality score can be a gradual process. Analyse your reports regularly to track your progress and make improvement.

#5. Analyse and re-structure

One practical way to improve your advertising campaign is to just review the ads thoroughly.

Sometimes, the smallest of mistakes like misspelled words or a bad design can disrupt the functionality of a campaign no matter how relevant your keywords. Check your ad copy, design, message (you intend to convey through your campaign) and your offers for their uniqueness, relevance and originality.

To Summarise

· Your campaign should not just include converting keywords but also exclude keywords that don’t convert at all.

· Irrelevant words that associate with bad searches can actually be utilised as negative keywords which you don’t want your ads to show for.

· You landing page must be specific and relevant to your targeted keywords as well as the campaign in order for high conversions to occur.

· The better your quality score, the lower your CPC and the higher your ROI.

· Draw regular insights into your campaign and analytics reports to monitor your performance and progress.

So now that you have vital tactics to bring an unproductive campaign back on track to hesitate to make changes and put in more effort and time in your PPC campaign. Moreover, you can also rely on the service of a professional who specialises in pay per click in Sydney.