Blockchain: The New Gold Rush - But Who are the Pots, Picks and Pans?

If you believe blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are the digital gold rush, then you’re not only right — you’re also early to the party.

According to Don Tapscott (leading authority on innovation, media, economic and social impact), blockchain is the “Internet of Value.”

Just like the gold rush, if you are some of the first to arrive, you are probably better off. For example, if you got into crypto 3 or 4 years back, your returns are better than any investment fund. However, with the volatility we often see in the news on cryptocurrency, it can be quite daunting.

So learning from history, ask yourself this: Who was consistently better off during the gold rush? The miners or the people who supplied the miners with the pots, picks and pans?

It reminds us of when the great Warren Buffet invested in FedEx to hedge the risk of investing in Amazon, but also so he would not miss out completely. Earlier this year, he finally admitted that he made a huge mistake and apologized to investors of Berkshire Hathaway for not investing much earlier.

“The remarkable thing is he’s [Jeff Bezos] done it in two industries at the same time that really don’t have that much connection. It’s far surpassed anything I would have dreamt could have been done. Because if I really felt it could have been done, I should have bought it. I had no idea that it had the potential. I blew it.” — Warren Buffet.

The same philosophy can be applied to other emerging markets, such as solar energy. If you believe in solar, you can hedge your risk by not investing in the solar itself, but the key elements that are required to produce and transport its output. This is a business model that is already well-proven and future-proofed and this was already accepted long before the solar boom.

The SignKeys Platform is the Pots, Picks and Pans in Blockchain.

SignKeys products consist of combining multiple leading technologies in Mobile, Hardware, Blockchain, Data and Security. These include solving some of the biggest problems in the digital world and blockchain, such as blockchain-to-blockchain integration, blockchain to non-blockchain integration (and keeping this information private and safe), and creating an awesome user experience with the convenience of mobile.

We all know Blockchain is here to stay, so why do we hear all the time that adoption is so hard? Because the convenience factor isn’t there. (Just ask your mom if she knows how to send crypto-or even what it is!)

That’s why we’ve enabled an easy on-boarding KYC feature, atomic swaps so people can access crypto/blockchain without going through a complex exchange process where users don’t even own the private key, hardware-based security that works on your existing mobile without carrying a dongle, and being able to simply send/receive crypto securely and privately as easy as sending a message to any messaging platform, including SMS text. In addition, to ensure additional security, it’s the first platform to provide a guarantee. (Just because you have ABS on your car does not mean you will never crash-and the same goes for a hardware wallet, although it is the most secure technology available, it doesn’t mean it’s 100% hack-proof.)

Having already delivered a real product, SignKeys has restored trust back to the crypto community, which has been ravaged by deception tactics, smoke and mirrors, and a “wild west” mentality for too long. Restoring trust has been, and continues to be, our number one priority.

SignKeys is beyond a “project.” The technology is already embedded in multiple enterprises as solutions and white labels product from ID/KYC, Onboarding, Wallets, and Loyalty Point platforms.

KEYS, which is the token used for the platform and its product, has TRUE utility. It is not the typical “bet” of a future artificial value dump on an exchange. The platform is already cash flow positive, which goes a long way in helping change the way people view blockchain companies. SignKeys is using a token with real benefit from blockchain technology, not just as an investment vehicle.

Here’s a very simple litmus test. Before you make your “bet,” you should ask a two fundamental questions: Does the token or coin you are investing in have immediate utility? Do they actually make money, and if so, how?

Our marquee decentralized currency, KEYS, is truly a one-of-a-kind token and is extremely versatile. KEYS tokens are currently used to fuel all of our products, including our B2B white label partner products, such as CoinStats Wallet (500,000 active users) and The Rapids Network (№1 Most active crypto community on Telegram). It is also used to fuel the guarantee ( and technology is also developed to support transaction-based fee structure with KEYS tokens.

SignKeys is not silo-ed or tied to a single Blockchain solution. 99% of information systems currently in the world are not on blockchain, so SignKeys is already bridging the gap with Blockchain and Non-Blockchain challenges.

See for yourself how SignKeys is already restoring trust back to the blockchain community, by delivering the most secure platform with a great user experience.

SignKeys Secure Wallet, hardware-based secure platform on your mobile with awesome User Experience. It’s also backed up by the SignKeys Guarantee.
No need for POS (Point of Sales), just SignKeys technology
SignKeys powering Good Digital Identity for Financial Inclusion

We also support the ability to list your new token direct, which allows your customers to buy direct from the wallet, securely-without an exchange and avoiding the risk of fake websites.

Download the SignKeys Secure Wallet on App or Play Stores

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