The reason why women have to be afraid of men is because men are so often dangerous to them. The problem is men. Women are simply trying to cope with men.
How should men interact with women in public at night?
Wyatt Edward Gates

If only the 'good' men could understand it’s NOT PERSONAL and it’s not all about them. Predators do NOT come with warning labels on their forehead.

Just as some snakes are perfectly safe to be around and some are deadly, people tend to avoid snakes unless they know for sure.

What amazes me is that the average guy expects ALL women to somehow immediately trust him no matter what the circumstances. If she does trust him — and many women do and learn the hard way — , and she’s assaulted, now it’s HER fault. Don’t men realize how crazy-making that is?

And men wonder why women seem paranoid. Sheesh! It’s a wonder women can function at all in such a toxic culture.