Our global impact — and why it matters

The telecoms industry is racing into a new digital era, where technology will play an even more important role in empowering people’s lives, fuelling economic growth and shaping global business. In this complex landscape, it is imperative that governments, businesses like Telenor’s, and organisations work together to find common standards and frameworks that stimulate growth and create shared value.

With more than 160 years of experience, making an impact on society has always been part of Telenor’s DNA. From building connectivity in a sparsely populated and geographically challenging home market in Norway, to making our first investments abroad in Europe and later in Asia, Telenor’s business is to connect people, enable business and empower societies.

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Access to communication and internet services creates extraordinary possibilities for all of us, no matter where we live, no matter our background. It renders information available and provides a voice for more people. It reduces inequalities.
Connected youth in Yangon, Myanmar

However, continued digitisation will also impact every market, every business and every society. It is already shaking up existing business models, globalising sectors and opening opportunities for the many. Digitisation will challenge many jobs, but also create new ones. These innovations will have a direct impact in local societies, and Telenor is committed to continue making investments that help unleash this potential.

Today we’re launching a report, developed by KPMG, that outlines and quantifies how Telenor has contributed to the societies we serve; from the arctic ice of Svalbard to the tropical forests of Borneo; from the coast of Montenegro to the mountains of Pakistan.

We do this not to reminiscence about the past, but to stake out a path for the impact we and our industry can make in an increasingly digital future.

You will see that Telenor’s contribution to society consists of numerous things: from direct contributions in terms of taxes and fees, employment, sustainable business practices, new business creation to increased efficiency of companies and society at large. We don’t make this impact alone; we depend on ambitious and long-term thinking governments, as well as innovative partners and ecosystems to propel societies and people we serve in the right direction.

Consider this an invitation for further dialogue — on how we, together, can continue realising the value and the opportunity of our digital future.

Sigve Brekke, President and CEO, Telenor Group

Read the full report here.