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I am German and looking at the current political situation, I am for once actually *proud* of my country — and this is a very rare thing to happen , as I am not patriotic (how could I be with Germany’s past?).

I am proud that even though the current situation is complicated we stand with our ideals and values, proud that we _help_ others when they need our help the most instead of letting fear take over and back down.

Now, of course it would be simply naïve to believe that no terrorists would have entered Germany the way refugees do but that’s not the point.

Besides, the German police is doing great work, they managed to prevent every major terrorist attack so far.

I admit, a certain risk does remain but considering that the *vast majority* of refugees coming to Germany are sincerely seeking refuge from political persecution trying to start a better life here, I think that, being the both economically and politically strong country we are, it is our responsibility to help those who have it so much worse than us.

My personal experience is that nearly every refugee I know is really eager to integrate, to learn German as fast as they can (always asking for corrections) and just grateful.

I mean, please imagine that for a second: You have lost *everything* back in your beloved homeland, your home in ruins, maybe your neighbours, friends, relatives were killed, the sight of a corpse is no longer unusual, the terrors of war are still a fresh wound, you didn’t even *want* to leave — you had to leave in order to live. Fleeing was just as traumatising as war back home; you nearly suffocated packed in the back of that truck with 60 other people. Even here, where it’s safe, the bang of every single firecracker at Silvester transports you back to the horror you just escaped.

I cannot fathom how much energy, how much strength it takes to go on despite all this. How do you find the courage to start all over here?

It’s tough for them and it’s important we support them.

Now, while for me, standing with humanitarian values, helping others and broadening my own horizon are the main reasons I welcome refugees here, there is another big reason to do so if mine aren’t enough for you.

Germany will have a huge problem with demographic change and an aging population soon, as well as a workforce crisis. The refugees coming to Germany are usually in their twenties, maybe thirties, willing to find work here, which makes them exact those people we need here to keep our economy stable.

That being said, it makes me so proud that Germany stands with its values when difficulties occur and I am certain that we will manage and morally grow from it. And that, even though it’s kind of selfish, is a really good feeling.