let’s stop coddling white feelings
Anthony James Williams

There’s only one kind of folks. Folks.

I am a firm believer in this quote from To Kill A Mockingbird and I think if only people tried to live by those 7 words a bit more, the world would be a much more harmonic place.

What I noticed in your post ist that you clearly split people in two groups: black people (“us”) and white people (“they”). While I agree that it is important to address the discrimination many black people have to face, it is plainly wrong to assume that all white people are “abuser(s)”. (Which I think is a statement you made, please correct if I understood that incorrectly — English is not my native language)

There are white people narrow-minded enough to seek to do harm to anyone who is not their race, yes, I am not going to deny this, but please believe me, those people do not speak for everyone.

You wrote:

“I firmly believe that Black Americans, as a group, do not owe respect, kindness, or forgiveness to anyone who seeks to do us harm.”

I whole-heartedly agree with that. And neither do you, as an individual, owe kindness or forgiveness to anyone who seeks to do you harm. And neither do I owe kindness or forgiveness to those seeking to do me harm. Neither does any of the seven billion individuals living in this world.

Whether you forgive people seeking to harm you is not a matter of race.

“Be that police officers or the descendents of those who hung us from trees with smiles on their faces, I want to limit any interaction with people who seek to harm me or my loved ones.”

I am German and it has taken me so much time to come to terms with my own history.

When I was little I used to think that Granny and Grandpa were the most gentle and loving people in the world. As I got older I realized: My grandparents were teenagers during the Nazi area. Old enough to make up their mind about Hitler and his ideals.

I hated them for it. I couldn’t look in their eyes, didn’t understand how they could have tolerated the killing of 6 million Jewish people.

And I hated myself for it, was scared of myself, I had always considered my grandparents a part of me. If my ancestors were mass murderers, I would be capable of doing the same thing, right?

Well, no, at least I don’t think so. I wasn’t even born during the Nazi area. There is not a single thing I could have done to even save a single life. And I cannot undo the mistakes my ancestors have made.

What I’m trying to say is, that even though today’s white Americans are most likely descendants of former slave owners, none of these people is responsible for what has happened. The vast majority of them condemns slavery, too.

Apart from that, I agree with many of your points, I have yet to hear a person starting a sentence with “I am not racist but…” who has not convinced me by the end of the sentence that (s)he is indeed racist.

The same goes for people stating “Considering you’re black...” and the other examples you have mentioned.

I know that the US, as well of the rest of the (Western) world, still has a loooong way to go towards racial equality and I am convinced that further looking at humans in two separate groups is counter-productive.