Feel like you’re giving more than your receiving, sucks right?

At one point or another you might feel like you’re giving more than you’re receiving with friends but there’s no shame in that. Rather than getting upset with the way things are just distance yourself from the person. If they reach out to you they’ve noticed. Thats a good thing, you should take comfort in them noticing, some people wont.

:“But what if they don't notice?”

So now you’ve gone from talking everyday to barely even talking at all. If they don’t notice straight a way they will eventually. When they catch on to how things have changed its just a matter of if they want to reach out to you and “holla”

Funny thing is most people wont because they’re ashamed of showing unrequited love or attention in the fear of being called a “beg”.. sometimes people aren’t being negligent, they’re just not sure whether you care or not

I’ve noticed that sometimes people are so caught up in what the other person will think when they “holla” or pop up, that they might not holla at all.

Think about that for a second, you might just be the type of person that can make someone feel like they’re bothering you when they’re jusy trying to say “hi”.

I’d like to think I know alot of people, I’ve got over 900 contacts on my iPhone but I can tell you who’s going to text me tomorrow. Thats not because I'm psychic.

It’s because I give people exactly what they give me. To put it simply : I mirror peoples behaviour. “i am a great friend, to my great friends” its been working well for me so far.

If you feel like your friends don’t do enough for you, or help you with your goals, try asking them what their goals are.

If you feel like your friends aren’t there for you when you need motivation. Try motivating them.

I think if you want something from your friends its more than likely the inteligent ones” will mirror your behaviour. Use this to your advantage, show your friends what you expect from them, show them how to behave by being the friend that you want.

“Be the friend that you need”-

Siji Ogunsola @bakesmiller

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