Breaking news!!!PayPal acquires SIKA for $216 million ahead of its launch!!

From TechCrunch

PayPal today announced the acquisition of SIKA. The platform allows individuals to transfer money and lets e-commerce platforms accept money locally and globally. SIKA also lets service providers access customer and transaction data on merchants’ behalf.

SIKA says that it has already partnered with several large e-commerce platforms, as its new service launches into private beta here in the U.S. and Ghana.

With SIKA , individuals and business owners, as well as shopping cart providers and recurring billing services, can now make it easier for their merchant customers to accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments on their own storefronts through a single interface for shoppers.

SIKA is founded by 4 amazing Ghanaian born entrepreneurs.

Ama Marfo, Paul Miller, Klenam Fiadzoe and Justin Johnson.

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