Positives of Self-Conversations

Everyone has a backdrawer in their mind, filled with conversations that had been planned exactly right but never executed. We all have planned our presentations, or what we’d tell our friends when they ask how our weekend was. In our inner monologue, the conversation flows completely smooth, the reactions are perfect, and there’s always a feeling of satisfaction in thinking up these faux conversations. I mean there’s definitely comfort in believing that your last words to your parents will be, “I love You”, or that your boss will definitely consider your proposal for a raise. These self-conversations shape us subconsciously, and our real conversations unconsciously.

Real life tends to get in the way as it does with most things, and chances are many of the self-spoken conversations will stay as they are. They’ll take up dust in your mind, and creep up on you in those long nights or busy days. Maybe they’ll still comfort you or maybe they’ll haunt you, but they’re essential nonetheless.

We use self-conversations as tools of growing, coping with, and developing our own character. If you’re too nervous to speak to someone in person, then you can conjure up your own self-conversations until the day you can. More often then not, people don’t have the chance to say everything they want to say to their loved one passing away. If everyone in the world was given the time to tell a loved one everything they want to say, then there’d be no one who’d die. In short, a person’s last words to someone would be endless if they had the chance. No matter how much you’d want to plan them, those last words said will always haunt you. That’s where self-conversations help you cope, because atleast in these conversations you have control. You can rewrite them, and replay them everyday. Now this is where the growth happens. Your subconscious is constantly rewriting drafts of conversations, and comparing them to the real life conversations. You’ll begin to adapt to the difference of self-conversations and actual conversations. Conversations will never completely mirror inner conversations, and that’s a given. At the same time, your real conversations would only get worse without your self-conversations. It’s a two-way street in your mind, but atleast there’s a sturdy crosswalk of self-conversations that you can use to cross.