Living, for Others

I sit on the toilet

doubled over in cramps;

suddenly grateful

for all the water

running, and in tanks.

I live in a house

of roof and walls;

laden with bed, bright with light,

Wi-fi running through its halls.

I travel in a car

or take some other mode,

and glide over the concrete

and cement of the road.

I read a book and work on a tab

the words bringing joy

and the binaries, cash ahoy!

None of the above

I ever created.

But it all waits on me

with their breaths bated.

I often wonder

why did I come on this Earth

and when my time comes,

Would my life be of any worth.

And today I realized,

life isn’t to take.

Life is to create,

an idea, a thing,

a moment of glee.

For someone,

other than me.