SILK Super Node — the High-level Benefit Owners of SilkChain

Jun 12 · 1 min read

Today I’ll introduce the high-level benefit owners in the SilkChain ecosystem-SILK Super Nodes. Meantime, the SILK Super Nodes are responsible for expanding the community, boosting the ecosystem and improving the liquidation of Silk tokens. Applicators for becoming a SILK super node shall be mature enterprises or organizations with 3,000,000 Silk tokens purchased from the secondary market and hold for long-term. Hundreds of super nodes for different industries are planned by SilkChain. Up to now, there are six large-scale retail organizations from different countries joined in SilkChain as SILK Super Nodes, namely TBag, Dragon, DZ, Pasti Laku, Suntex, Paloma. SILK super nodes can enjoy numerous benefits and rights in the platform. Qualified projects are welcomed to join in our empowered ecosystem.

Benefits of SILK Super Node include:

1. Free software + termed operation & maintenance service

2. Self-owned Community bonus share

3. Extra bonus

4. Task bonus

5. Referral bonus

6. Massive business opportunity

Rights of SILK Super Node include:

1. Ownership of free software

2. Permission rights of subject nodes’ entry


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