SilkChain Business Expansion

Jul 12 · 2 min read

In the former posts, we have introduced the major solutions put forth by SilkChain Foundation in response to the trickiest problems that cross-border small and medium enterprises face in trading. With the expanding of SilkChain community, SilkChain will be continuously rolling out new solutions with community resources at hand, thus creating more practical landing application scenarios for Silk Token. Potential applications as such include brand incubation and second-tier Token issuance.

1. Secondary Incubation Solution for Local Brands.The service will enable producers to obtain responses on the samples of all real target consumers within the targeting market at low costs, and the collected responses will be recorded on the chain intact for analyzing purposes; it will empower local chambers of commerce and trade nodes with greater potential business possibilities and their samples can be tested locally; and it will enhance local third-party providers of services such as brand promotion, marketing and advertising with related information as long as they participate in SilkChain community and acquire a certain amount of Silk Token.

2. Issuance of Second-tier Token on SilkChain. With the development of SilkChain community, new concepts of SilkChain local community will pop up, such as bay area SilkChain communities. These local communities can issue their own Token on the underlying platform of SilkChain, namely the second-tier Token of SilkChain, targeting the application scenarios. Second-tier Token is born to be technically compatible with the blockchain technology of SilkChain and wallet technology, while its application scenarios can be designed by issuers of local communities. To control risks, the issuers will have to pledge a required amount of Silk Token to endorse the second-tier Token they issued on SilkChain.


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