The First Step to Bring Large Local Trading Nodes into the SilkChain Community And Blockchain

May 5 · 1 min read

The SilkChain Foundation’s partners of application scenarios have many years of experience in providing SaaS services to large commercial nodes worldwide, making up for their shortcomings in e-commerce and providing e-commerce software like B2B and B2C which are owned and operated by large local trading nodes. This will provide a very good entry point, because most of the current international trade transaction nodes and small and medium-sized merchants it operates have limited IT skills which are reflected in underdeveloped e-commerce functions such as payment, community chat, and merchandise display, etc. So their demand for IT system is real and urgent. Providing its own operational IT system through the SaaS model is in line with the needs of these large trading nodes themselves and will also be the first step to bring it into the SilkChain community and blockchain.


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