It’s curious how a lot of people in this thread seem to blame the author for Trump’s election while…
Matthieu Lagouge

“When things will cool down for you, do me the favor and take the time to think about what the drones attack have been inflicting to people very much like you and me.”

This…is an interesting assumption. You have assumed that I don’t already think about such things simply because I called the original post selfish and didn’t agree with it’s viewpoint? This isn’t a problem with me; it instead showcases some rather heavily biased and none-too-logical thought processes.

The fear of the American people will not help the people of Pakistan, Yemen, or other nations. If anything, it will make them less likely to pay attention to foreign politics because they have too much going on at home. The answer to fear is never more fear, and you don’t free one oppressed people by oppressing another. Those folks overseas are not gaining an empathetic populace, but are poised to lose those who were already empathetic. They won’t come out better off for a Trump presidency.

As for Trump telling his people to “calm down,” his very next act was to hire a white supremacist. I’ll believe in his change of heart when I see real, solid, lasting proof of it.

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