Caught in a Moment: Pompeii

by Mercedeh Baroque

We’ve all heard of the city of Pompeii, buried in ash 1600 years ago after its denizens ignored the telltale signs of nearby Mount Vesuvius’ volcanic eruption. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts brings a new level of interest to this age old cautionary event with its engaging Pompeii exhibit.

The exhibit is overall an emotionally touching one, with rooms re-enacting the tragedy on surround screens with animated renditions of what the day must have looked like. Two rooms hold moulds suspended in mid action as the ash buried the small city, and the many other rooms stage artifacts from the lives of the people of Pompeii. Statues, bowls, jewelry, and mosaics repaint for you the minutia of life in ancient Greece.

On display until the 5th of September, the exhibit is well worth a visit with friends and family. To add to the display, on Aug 24th, the museum celebrated the anniversary of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption with a special event where patrons received half off on the price of admission, as well as an ancient-style coin as a souvenir, and were treated to free gelato.

Be privy to the secrets of the past at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and enjoy an institution at the heart of Montreal’s arts and culture scene!

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