The struggle with infertility Photo by Silke Schwekutsch
Photo by Silke Schwekutsch

The deep desire to have a baby and the experience of not being able to get pregnant can take over every single aspect of your life.

Infertility has the power to change your ideas of who you are, isolates you from family and friends, and capture your sense of hope…

Let us be “loving forces” to each other!

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There are not many figures in modern history that evoke that much passion that Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

  • He met the “spirit” of the Nazi regime with decisive resistance.
  • He preached love where hatred and terror spread.
  • And he stood for an attitude, that…

Photo by Claudia on Unsplash

Do you know the fear of not getting pregnant?

Do you worry whether you might unintentionally remain childless because your body is not fertile enough or does not know how to get pregnant and stay pregnant?

Maybe you are asking yourself again and again if your hormone levels are not…

Silke Schwekutsch

Fertility blogger and theologian sharing stories about women’s health, personal growth, purpose and belonging. Please follow my journey!

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