Want to Grow Your Career? Make Your Job Harder.
Frank Auger

Great article. Short and to the point. Well addressed. Really enjoyed it.

I am working through this process right now, and have been continually doing it with just about every job I have had at every company.

I am now in a senior role and working on implementing organizational, process guidelines, and best practices.

I have run into myself, and my desire to make my job harder to give greater benefit to those around me, as a stumbling block.

I am working through how to simplify these things for those that haven’t done them before (or not many times) while still trying to eek out as much useful information as possible, of which there is a mountain as it has previously been untapped.

Any tips or thoughts on how to make it simple for others with less experience while still driving forward and moving the finish line to achieve the maximum benefit?

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