I’m An Ex-Google Woman Tech Leader And I’m Sick Of Our Approach To Diversity!
Vidya Narayanan

Thank you from a male who has a wife and a nine year old daughter.

The line of work I am in sees similar hiring issues to what you saw Vidya.

The line of work my wife is in is a complete 180° flip.

My work is technical and hands on requiring strong math and engineering-like skills. My wife’s work is care-based.

My wife is extremely intelligent and not deficient in any way and capable of doing the job I do. She has no interest. I am capable of doing the work she does and almost went into the same line of work as her.

I worry about the future of hiring issues going forward for when my daughter enters the work force. We encourage her to explore things she doesn’t like as well as those she does to get a broader perspective for the future.

Thank you for sharing your opinions and thoughts. I hope for my daughter not to be treated specially, but rather viewed for how she does what she does, as well as the person she is.


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