Requiem for a Dream

In search of finding a film that started a conversation I came across Requiem for a Dream. This psychological drama creates an insight into how horrible the world can be in the toughest of times. The movie takes place in Coney Island with four characters that all have their own problems with addiction. There’s the mom who struggles with her weight so she resorts to speed in hopes of slowing down her appetite. Then there is the son, his best friend, and girlfriend who are all heroin addicts and fall into the hardships of their addictions. When director Darren Aronofsky presented the idea for the film he was declined by many agencies to fund it. This was due to the horrid reality of drug abuse and a very disturbing sex scene. By Aronofsky not budging and sticking to his film, he was able to create the film that is now known as one of the most disturbing films of all time. Although this film was looked down upon by many people, it helped bring awareness to some of the horrors life can create. The ending of this film was a montage of the four characters’ lives coming to their lowest points and created a powerful scene that is the ultimate deterrent away from drugs. I feel that if this film was censored away from the blunt heroin addictions and the disturbing sex scene it would not have created as much of an impact as it did. Sometimes the world needs to not turn away from the disturbing realness of it and face the problem head on. Requiem for a Dream did just that and helped portray a message that will leave you speechless.

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