Special Elections: I Don’t Believe In Moral Victories
Tim Ryan

Odd to hear the naysayers against Tim Ryan posting here. They believe one should uphold the Party, no matter if right or wrong. That’s a far-right, undemocratic fault. As one old enough to watch the Democratic Party become increasingly corporate and shict to center right over the last 30 years, Ryan is trying to refind and uphold what was once its core — working class people who have been under assault since Reagan. Bill & Hillary shifted the party to the Right and positioned it to embrace the financial and corporate, moneyed interests over the needs of working people and the poor. They both, and though you do not want face the facts, along with Pres. Obama supported neoliberal economic policies(Chicago School), privatization, and austerity. Ryan want the Party to put front and center the economic policies that are analagous to the New Deal. Unlike Clinton and Obama, Ryan is a strong supporter of unions. Those naysayers who do not know history or what has been going on are continuing a path to oblivion by an ignorant “love it or leave” it appoach. As a critical thinking human, I prefer to look at things realistically, and that means breaking with the failed policies of the corporate Dems and making the party truly a party of the people, one that serves its interests rather than elite corporate masters. I say, make it into something you love rather than blindly supporting it even though it no longer serves your interests. Blind, unthinking people already have a party--the Republican Party. If we cannot change it, then we need to start anew.

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