20 Best Crochet Braids Hairstyle Ideas for Black Girls 2016

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Crochet braids are rightly one of the best hairstyles for black hair. There is perhaps no better way to manage natural black hair than crochet braids.

Crochet Braids are so versatile that you will have to work hard to go wrong with them. Whether its long crochet braids or short crotchet hair, they can look gorgeous on young girls of almost all face shape.

Crochet braids hairstyles are not new as one might think; they come in 90’s and since then, they have gained more and more popularity among young black girls. Women are eagerly getting crochet braids for years with all natural human hair or with the segments of synthetic hair.

Crochet braids hairstyles are casual hairstyles most of the times. Some variations of crochet braids can also be used formally.

There is no age distinction for the application of crochet braids. Women of every age can use them. However, most crochet braids give their best look on young girls and black women in their twenties.

Setting up cost can vary from city to city and state to state. In the USA, as an average, a women haircut cost around $50. When you add price for synthetic hair and your hairdresser’s fee for installation of crochet braids with synthetic hair, your setting up cost can rise to $120.

Crochet hair braids are perfect for women who does not like to sit too long to get individual braids sculpted in their scalps. However, choosing the perfect crochet braiding hairstyles usually depend on personality, age, face shape, careers and other personal preferences.

It is true that most hair styles have short life span, but crochet hairstyles are evergreen, they never go out of fashion.

Crochet hair refers to the crochet braids human hair, however, the twist and style is linked to the method of styling. That is why, there are different crochet hairstyles for different hair types, such as for weave hair there is a different method used to create crochet then it is for weave hair.

In short, crochet hairstyle is one of the best protective hairstyle that helps you maintain textured locks and reduce hair damage.

Before you choose your next hairstyles, you should get to know your face shape and the hairstyles that would suit your face shape. Read here on how to know your face shape and select perfect hairstyle for your face shape.

Taking care of your braids hair is a daunting task for some, you can take help from our post abouthow to take care of your braids hairstyles and scalp. This will help you maintain a good hairstyle and healthy scalp.

We have collected some of the best crochet braids hairstyles for black women, have a look at the most popular and rocking crochet braids popular in 2016.

Free tress bohemian crochet braids hair

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Step out of your comfort zone with this mid-parted free tress bohemian crochet braids hairstyle that can be colored other than black or brown too.

Buy a Freetress Braid Bohemian 1B in red and give your traditional bohemian crochet braids hair a beautiful look.

How to Make Bohemian Crochet Braids

  • Take a Crochet pin
  • Take a loop of bohemian hair by trespass
  • Insert that loop in the pin and pass it below the braid to make a knot
  • Now make about ten braids to make sure that crochet braids does not get loose
  • Repeat same steps for every loop

Recommended Products:

Any organic root dry shampoo will do the job for your crochet hair. However, one from Organic Root Stimulator is considered the best and most recommended.

Face Shape and Hair Type

This center-parted hair looks great on teen girls with oval and long face shapes. Crochet are made with natural hair mostly. For synthetic braids, maintain a no-heat routine for a week to get perfect control of your hair and to add more shine to your casual look.


Bohemian crochet braids hair does not need much wash. If you are using Organic Root Stimulator Dry Shampoo, you will need to wash your hair once in a month. One installation of crochet braids can last for about three months.

Crochet water weaves braids hair

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Crochet water weaves braids is the best hairstyle that stays with you even when you are doing Zumba.

Crochet water weave braids hair are probably the best synthetic hair so far. They have volume and can stay up for more than three weeks without giving you a hint of stinky smell.

Face Shape and Hair Type

Crochet water weaves styles is perfect for girls who love keeping their casual looks great and effortless. Moreover, these hairstyles look great on every face shape, in fact, they can work for those who love to have a diva attire in their casual look.

Recommended Products

Crochet water weave braids can be maintained well by using dry shampoo like Organic Root Stimulator dry shampoo.


Apply dry shampoo once a week. Wash your hair with water only once a month.

Crochet Braids Curled with Flexi Rods:

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Crochet Braids Curled with Flexi Rods is the best way to style your Marley’s hair.

Face Shape and Hair Type

Flexi rods curled crochet braids look formal and elegant on every face shape. Whether you have round, square, oval or a diamond-face shape, you can use curled braids.

How to Make Crochet Braids Curled with Flexi Rod

Here is how to make crochet braids curled with flexi rods yourself at home.

To achieve perfect crochet braids hair, first, detangle your crochet braids with hot water and coconut oil. Then divide them into six sections and add flexi rods (large size) in them. Add them to hot water for ten seconds and let them air dry for next 30 seconds, and you are ready to rock any event.


This type of hair can stay perfect for a week or two after that the fake hair gets frizzy.

Crochet rock braids hair:

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Define your hair beautifully with simple crochet rock braids and give them a perfect natural looking style.

Face Shape and Hair Type

This kind of synthetic crochet braid hair can look great on oval, round, and long face shapes.

Always buy the best synthetic hair for your crochet braids, as the quality of hair can make or break your crochet braids hairstyle.


The only downside of crochet hairstyle is that you need to change the synthetic hair within three weeks to avoid frizz.

Crochet braids with Marley’s hair

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Crochet braids hairstyles are back with more volume and elegance in the form of crochet braids with Marley’s hair.

Face Shape and Hair Type

Young girls in their teens like crochet braids styles especially with Marley hair because this is the only way to avoid damage to their tresses. Crochet braid styles are perfect for every face shape.


Crochet Braids with Marley’s hair can look fake if not applied correctly, so one should always use high-quality Marley hair for this hairstyle.

Life of the Crochet Braids with Marley’s Hair

Crochet hairstyles have no more than eight weeks life span, after that they will start looking shabby.

Crochet braids for curly hair

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For medium to short curly hair, crochet hairstyles is always a fun way to style them. A stylish side-parting will add a chic look in no time.

Face Shape and Age Group

Crochet hairstyles are the most versatile hair as from young girls to middle-aged women can carry them with great ease.

Another great advantage of crochet hairstyle is that that suit every face shape.


If the style is maintained with all natural hair then this humble hairstyle can perfectly complete a two months on low-maintenance.

Box crochet braids hair

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The best way to embrace your all natural hair is to style them in box crochet braids hairstyle.

Face Shape and Age Group

Box crochet braids hairstyles are perfect for young girls with oval and long/oblong face shapes. Center-parting can add a chic and youthful look to this hairstyle.


Box crochet braids hair is a casual hairdo that can last up to six months at low maintenance. The only styling product you will need is a conditioner and a detangler.

Box crochet braids for red hair

Box crochet braid can look gorgeous in this beautiful shade of deep red as hairstyle will complement the deep yellow and dark facial color tone perfectly.

Face Shape and Age Group with Hair Type

Box crochet hairstyle will look gorgeous on oval and long face shapes. Young girls in their twenties having broad jaws and defined cheek bones can carry this hairstyle with elegance.


Styling with synthetic hair can take more than four hours and can stay in their shape for next three weeks. After that, you will need to make them up for three week damage and hair changes.

Freetress crochet braided hair:

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Nothing can look as gorgeous as Freetress crochet hair with side parting on a young girl’s face.

This casual hairstyle is one of the most protective ways to style naturally curly tresses.

Face Shape and Age Group

Young girls can carry this low-maintenance hairstyle for more than three weeks without any maintenance. This hairstyle looks best on oval, long and diamond face shapes where it complements the facial features.


However, free trees hair for crochet braids may give trouble in hot weather. To avoid this, it is recommended to use only a few sets from the packet.

High volume crochet braids hair:

High volume crochet braids hair for teen girls are back. By adding brown color highlights to the long-bob, a textured and high volume in black hair can be achieved.

Face Shape and Age Group

This is a perfect way to frame a long young face. However, if not attached correctly, this hairstyle can look fake and will damage your hair beauty. But with a little effort, one can easily achieve the best of all natural protective hairstyles with high volume crochet braids hair.


Keeping this hairstyle for a long time can be painful and damaging to hair, so make sure not to have them for more than eight weeks.

Marley crochet short braids hair

Crochet braids are back in style for black hair in the form of Marley crochet braids hair. Be it long of short hair, young girls are trying this hairstyle.

Crochet braids Marley hair may look unnatural, but at the same time, this is a hairstyle that does not need hours of sitting, preparation and investment of time and money.

Face Shape and Hair Type

This is a perfect casual look that can give you chic look for next two weeks. All lengthy face shapes can go with this hair style perfectly well, however, girls with round or square face should avoid Marley crochet short braids hairstyle.

Short crochet braids hair

There is no exact right or wrong way to get a braided hair style, even if you have medium short hair.

How to make Short Crochet Braids Hair Style

Simply add a hint of blonde color in your hair and add as many crochet braids segments as you want in your hair. The best way is that there is no need to sculpt anything to the hair or scalp, that lets your scalp breathe and keep the tresses damage free.

Face Shape and Age Group

This type of hairstyle is easy to maintenance and suit every face shape and age group.


Synthetic hair attachments should not be kept for more than two month.

Shoulder length crochets braids hair

uits to teen girls who love to add volume and texture to their hair.

How to Make Shoulder Length Crochet Braids Hair Style

For this specific hairstyle, all you need is few bobby pins to push back front hair to add length to the round face, thus this is a perfect hairstyle for a round and square faces.


This hairstyle can easily be carried between 6 to 8 weeks, but need high maintenance and care.

Twisted Hair braids

Have long black hair, but don’t know how to style them, try crochet twist braids that will take not more than 2.5 hours in installation and look fabulous on oval, oblong and diamond face shape.

Face Shape and Hair Type

This hairstyle looks fabulous on oval, oblong and diamond face shape.

Twisted hair braids is a formal hairstyles. The life of every formal hairstyles is shorter than casual hairstyles and most formal hairstyles does not last longer than the event night due to their high maintenance.

How to Make Twisted Hair Braids

They give you a perfectly styled casual look at a cheaper rate than any other black hairstyle. To give traditional twisted hair braids a chic look, use slightly side-partying and you are ready to rock any party or event.

Long crochet braided hair

For long black hair, crochet braided hairstyles is often recommended because these hairstyles are protective and also look fancy.

Face Shape and Age Group

This hairstyle can go with most face shapes, but looks best on oval, long, diamond and heart face shapes.

Girls in their twenties can carry this specific hairstyle effortlessly at formal and casual gatherings.

Formal-cum-casual Hairstyle

A crochet needle is used to style long crochet braided hair. The best things about this hairstyle is that it looks great in formal parties and events i.e. long crochet braided hair style is a formal hairstyle. In addition to its formal applications, you can also use this hairstyles casually.


You can add as many crochet braids set as much volume you need. Protective hairstyles that use synthetic hair lasts between 6 to 8 weeks only depends on the maintenance and care.

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Hairstylist, beautician and marathon freak from Rochester, NY. www.styleinhair.com

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