The Ultimate “Let It Go” Collection

Winter is here. The first snow is falling gracefully… There’s a melody humming in the air. What can it be? I run to the window, tear it open to see birds, squirrels, deer and snowmen singing with full force…

“I don’t caaaaaare
What they’re going to saaaaaay
Let the storm rage ooooon,
The cold never bothered me anyway!”

I rub my eyes, but they are still there. Ohmigoodness! A full on Disney movie materialized in my back yard. This makes me wonder… Was there something funny in my breakfast brownies?

So now that apparently even the animals of the forest are covering the famous song from Frozen, I think it’s time we all took a few minutes to revisit last year’s ultra mega hit: “Let It Go”.

The internet (as well as the singing animals in my back yard) can’t let go of the Oscar winning song from Disney’s Frozen, not even after a year of its release. Once the song was shared on Disney’s youtube channel, hell broke loose (granted a very chilly and cute one). And just the way Olaf loved warm hugs, we found ourselves loving this song.

Let It Go covers took the internet by a (snow) storm. Nobody seemed to be bothered by the cold anymore!

Aaaah…. Our hearts are melting, like Olaf would in the sun.

And yes, let’s not forget about Adele Dazeem…ahem…

I mean Idina Menzel’s and Jimmy Fallon’s pure gem of a collaboration with The Roots:

The ‘Let It Go’ fever spread through the world like a snowstorm on a mountaintop. As a result, hundreds -or who knows exactly how many- versions have emerged on YouTube and other media sharing platforms. So far we could only take a guess at how many times the famous lyrics had been heard blasting through the skies. Well, the time has come to shed light on this mysterious number. Thanks to Plays.IO, a unified play counter, we can finally see how many times the song has been viewed, taking ALL the original, cover and live versions of the beloved melody. Drum rolls please…


And now ladies and gentlemen, let us reveal the number as of December 2, 2014:

2 004 130 933


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It really is over 2 billion. I’m going to let you dwell on that number a few more seconds.

How long would it take to watch ALL these videos? How many pints of ice-cream could be gobbled up by the time we’ve finished playing the latest version? We’re not even going to try to estimate the ballpark figure. Instead, we’ll jump into action and start watching them right away. We promise to let you know how long it took once we’re done…. hopefully sooner than I take out my retirement fund.

Let the “Let It Go” Video Watching Marathon commence:

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