A little bit of nonsense I wrote this evening….

I am the kind of person who likes to see the best in everyone. I try and see beyond the person, flesh and bones.. and I like to try seek whats on there mind. I have a tendency to want to help people. I fall in love to fast and accept most things as truth. I work hard but bore easily. I am social beyond limits. I love a challenge and learning from life not from book. Although I am orderly I am also unhurried and mellow. I still stumble, I still fall, through all my efforts. However I get up! One of my biggest defeats being you cant help everybody, I still try. But what I have come to know as important is helping yourself! I’ve still got alot of repairing and building to do. And one day I will be able to balance my head and heart. It is no easy task.

My children are where I see “me” transcending through. I want to be able to strengthen and teach them the importance of being true to oneself and standing firm for what you believe in. I see there sensitivity there infallible outlook on life. I am there role model so I must succeed. The one to teach them respect and love to all but mostly to oneself. I have become three! This is a true challenge. I find it intriguing how a parent can see a child’s true persona long before we find it ourselves. How to help them along that path is the wonder of it all though.

What helps through all of this is the people who also accept and respect the person you are or who I am. It takes a long time for people to figure out who they are and then to finally accept it. The ones who bring out the best in you, to those people thank you! Who I am has its own pros and cons but doesn’t everyone’s? And so we/I keep on striving to be a better person.

Do you know who you are?

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