Twitter Chat Participation #SEOchat

This week I took the initiative in participating in Twitter Chat thread. Entering a space, I had never ventured in before was actually quite exciting and scary all at the same time. Having limited knowledge on the topic at hand didn’t really help my case. I could have chosen to look into a subject friendlier like Snapchat or Facebook, but instead, I wanted to learn about a topic foreign to me as a Student. That is why I chose to look into twitters Search Engine Optimization chat.

As I waited for the chat to begin, my hopes were that I would be able to participate in the conversation with limited knowledge adequately. Having taken only limited classes on the subject, I was skeptical yet hopeful that I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of people who worked with SEO for a living. What did I have to lose? At 1:00 pm the chat began, and we all introduced ourselves. Alright, good start thought to myself but realizing that I forgot to include the #SEOchat in my introduction. Simple fix.

Right off the bat tweets started to fly in after the first question was posted, with information that may as well have been in another language I was unfamiliar with. I was intimidated. I thought “maybe I should find another chat to be a part of?” I decided to stick it out. Best decision ever! I learned so much information from this Twitter chat.

One great tool I came across was the website Answer the Public In the conversation, we were discussing if Keywords were relevant anymore in Website optimizing and user friendliness. Many of the participants thought they were but what was more important was the meaning behind the words. As @iankiar1 said “the impact is that we need to optimize for natural language searches. adios keyword stuffing #seochat.” Answer the Public gives a visual representation of what Keywords are linked to and how people use them when searching for things.

For example, if you search for the word “Dog” in the website, it will show you all the things associated with searches to the word “dog” that people are searching for. Giving you a better understanding of what the word may mean to people in today’s context.

I found myself researching terms that would come up such as AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages and JSON-LD Schema. Asking questions to things I couldn’t find an answer to. Twitter Chat is an excellent way to immerse yourself into a topic that you may have little knowledge about and want to know more about the themes that are relevant today.

As an advertising student, the industry is always changing, and it’s important to stay on top of all these changes. Talking to real people who are experiencing these changes is the best way to communicate and solve the problems at hand with other people who may be in the same situation as you. So go out there and participate in a Twitter chat!