Eco-friendly Soil Disinfection with Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver

Soil sanitation is done to control soil-borne infections, insects, nematodes and weeds. Soil fumigation is a single answer for all pathogen infections and stubborn pest infestations like nematodes, mites, flies, and many more. Root infections are mostly caused by soil borne pathogens and can be effectively averted through soil disinfection. The pathogens influence the plant beyond the seedling stage affecting the internal root tissues, meddling with the water supply and supplements.

Hydrogen peroxide and silver make a superb soil disinfectant, being blending with the potent oxidant hydrogen peroxide and silver which is known to be antimicrobial for long. Silver Hydrogen Peroxide serves as a multipurpose and significantly effective disinfectant when compared to the conventional methods of soil fumigation with steam, formalin, etc. It is stable over a wide pH and temperature range, without any known phytotoxic effect.

But, most of them have back logs like steam volatizes, manganese is toxic in nature; others eliminate beneficial bacteria, releases excess ammonia, etc. Formalin and other soil fumigants are mostly unstable, have a noted carcinogenic and phytotoxic effect. And in terms of yield, it requires flushing with water, and takes at least three weeks from fumigation to plantation.

Advantages of silver hydrogen peroxide over the conventional methods:

1. Eco-friendly, and nontoxic breaking down to water and oxygen

2. Non-carcinogenic and zero phytotoxic effect on plants

3. Broad spectrum, being effective over a wide range of microorganisms, owing to its superb antiviral, antifungal, bactericide properties

4. Multifunctional, as hydrogen peroxide and silver finds usage in other media such as air, water, and surface

5. Cold sterilant, as silver hydrogen peroxide does not require any heat for disinfection

6. Hydrogen peroxide and silver does not require any flushing of toxic residues with water after usage

7. The store and depot function of silver in hydrogen peroxide creates a longtime disinfection, with an added ‘low dosage’ benefit

8. Silver in hydrogen peroxide is non mutagenic in nature, hence the microbes cannot develop resistance

9. Silver hydrogen peroxide is highly effective on nematodes which are both ecto and endo-parasitic in nature

The silver has an anti-senescence effect which prevents ageing of flowers and fruits

This hydrogen peroxide and silver can be used for regular treatment of plants as both preventive and treatment methods. Silver hydrogen peroxide has been effectively used in open field cultivations, protective cultivations, floriculture practices, cocopeat sterilization, and many more.

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