Farm Bio-security with Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Alstasan Silvox

Soil and water are treasured ecological components and basic elements of agriculture that must be sustain-ably preserved. End use classification of agriculture disinfectants are divided into livestock and farms. Disinfection products and detergents used on the farm find their way through harvested products and thus into the human food chain. Implementation of Good Farming Practices (GFP) protects livestock and consumers from diseases and other health hazards. Bio-security being an integral part of GFP is based on sound preventative and curative measures for maximum security and therefore turning into profitability. Effective use of agriculture disinfectants proves growth efficiency while also having efficacy against typical farm diseases thereby requiring implementation of effective disinfection programs. Environmental effects channel down to human wellness and thus necessitating awareness. It is thus important to consider uses of disinfectants that may present environmental risks.

Agriculture Disinfectants market is driven by increasing demand for animal products, increasing greenhouse vegetable production and vertical farming, increasing disease outbreaks among livestock, and recent ban on antibiotics in animal feed. The function of disinfectants is to kill and prevent the growth of microorganisms. Disinfectants are potentially harmful substances that are used in intensive animal production and disease control programs. These products may harm plant and animal life, even humans, also have an adverse impact on the environment, when used without due caution. Disinfectants for animal husbandry or livestock are gaining popularity as livestock farmers make frequent use of disinfectants for newborn animals owing to their highly vulnerability to diseases and infections, due to their immature immune systems. Moreover, adoption and use of innovative animal husbandry practices improve health and sanitation of the animals, increase crop quality and productivity of the crops driving the growth of agricultural disinfectants market in this region. The general agriculture disinfectants include the use of chlorine, formaldehyde, phenols, peracetic acid, QACs, iodophor, or hydroxides like caustic. All of the aforementioned products are generally toxic to a broad range of living cells but provide no long-lasting protection against microorganisms. Broad spectrum use of hydrogen peroxide and its breaking down to water and oxygen as end products names it world’s safest sanitizer.

Pre-requisites for an effective agriculture disinfectant:

  • Safe to use and handle
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Easy to evaluate in-use dosages
  • Broad spectrum disinfectant

Silver hydrogen peroxide, eco-friendly agriculture disinfectant, is hydrogen peroxide stabilized with the addition of silver proves well effective in farms. Silver hydrogen peroxide works on a contact basis, where hydrogen peroxide with its oxidizing capabilities breakdown the cell wall of pathogenic cells, and antimicrobial silver works thereafter. Three factors of silver that benefit this product are its oligodynamic property (antimicrobial silver), stability (H2O2 does not readily decompose), and activation (H2O2 is only activated when exposed to bio-foulants).

Finding use in open field cultivation, with miles of unmanned farms running, and protected greenhouses where particular pathogens having similar growing conditions flourish easily.

Key features of silver hydrogen peroxide for horticulture purposes include:

· Broad spectrum biocide

· Eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic product

· Application features drip, drench, soil fumigation

· Works on a short contact time

· Active over a wide pH and temperature range

· Non carcinogenic, non mutagenic to humans

· Minimizes use of harmful pesticides

· No phyto-toxic effect

· Prevents clogging of drip lines and venturi meters

Microbial diseases like bacterial cankers, mildews, root gall formations, leaf wilting, spotting can be averted and/or treated with the use of silver hydrogen peroxide.

Agriculture Disinfectant — Alstasan Silvox