Silver Hydrogen Peroxide: Disinfecting the Eco-friendly way

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide, as the name suggests is a synergized composition of hydrogen peroxide stabilized with silver ions in the form of silver nitrate or infused Silver Nano particles. In either of the cases, the disinfecting property of AgH2O2 remains superior compared to all other known forms and compositions of disinfectants till date.

The more popular choices for chemical disinfectants before the introduction of silver hydrogen peroxide included Chlorine, Glutaraldehyde and Peracetic Acid that were used extensively for all disinfecting and sterilizing operations. But neither of these properly adhered to the requisites of an ideal disinfectant.

The main criteria being:

· No residual toxicity

· Safe for humans and animals

· Stable in applied environment

Chlorine was associated with formation of toxic disinfection by-products (DBPs), Glutaraldehyde had mutagenic and carcinogenic effects and Peracetic acid was found extremely unstable.

On the contrary, Hydrogen Peroxide is a strong oxidizer formed by combination of water with ozone. The bonds between the molecule and oxygen atom are unstable and easily break releasing free oxygen that oxidizes organic matter. Thus H2O2 disinfects by oxidizing cell membranes and inner cell structures of pathogens. It is a great biocide; being a strong oxidizing agent and more effective than chlorine. It is also less toxic and easily biodegrades. Breaking into water and oxygen, it is world’s safest sanitizer.

H2O2 is stabilized using silver so as to increase its efficacy. Silver acts both as a stabilizer and an activator. In addition to this, silver is shown to have certain disinfectant properties of its own. Addition of silver greatly reduces the quick decomposition of H2O2. In presence of silver, the peroxide decomposes only in presence of biological contaminants. The decomposed H2O2 oxidizes the cell wall, cell membrane and cytoplasm of the pathogens, the DNA is destroyed thus killing the organism. Silver is known to react with certain proteins in the DNA and act as a biostat, inhibiting further growth of the pathogens. All the while the unused peroxide remains stable in the environment owing to the silver present. This is called “depot action”.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver are neither toxic nor produce DPBs upon decomposition. It dissociates producing water and oxygen and the residual silver has been proven to have no ill effects on man and environment.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is by far the best all purpose multi-utility disinfectant because:

· It is effective against all kinds of bacteria, viruses, yeast, mould and spore formers

· It is Environmentally friendly — practically 100% degradable breaking down to water and oxygen

· Does not create odor or alter the taste of foodstuffs or treated water

· Highly effective over long periods even at very high water temperatures

· Has no toxic effect in its diluted state

· No carcinogenic or mutagenic effect

· Long shelf life: maximum loss of concentration 3% per year

· Low corrosive effect

· Equipment and operation costs are low

Application areas:

Food & Beverage Sector: Drinks Industry, Dairy Industry, Food processing Industry

Agriculture Sector: Animal Husbandry, Fruit orchards and vegetable farms, Tobacco and cotton manufacturers

Air conditioning and Refrigeration Plants: Humidifiers, Cooling towers for elimination of algae

Hospitals, Public and Commercial Buildings: Medical equipment and room disinfection, sanitary disinfectant in commercial institutions, Pharmaceuticals

Consumer goods and amenities: Drinking water, Swimming pools, Wastewater treatment etc.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide