Palm oil exporters in USA meeting international demand

Palm Oil is a very popular cooking item in entire Africa, Southeast and South Asia and Brazil. Apart from these regions, the oil is gaining its popularity steadily in other parts of the world also. It is popular as commercial and also household cooking item. Two primary factors behind its popularity are lower cost and high oxidative stability of the refined palm oil. Due to high content of beta carotene, palm oil naturally looks reddish when extracted from oil palm fruit, but the refined palm looks crystal clear. Palm oil exporters in US have been known to the world for their supreme quality of crude oil used by the refined oil processors to make it suitable for cooking purposes.

Few facts about Palm oil:

Palm oil has been in use for cooking for over 5000 years now. Palm oil is consumed as cooking oil, margarine, fat blend and for many other cooking purposes. Food processors prefer to use palm oil, mainly for its certain qualities, such as-

It requires no hydrogenation
It enhances shelf life of baked and fried foods
It’s a vegetable oil, and completely free from bad cholesterol.

Health benefits:

Recent scientific studies show that the effect of blood cholesterol is relatively neutral in comparison to other popular cooking oils in the market. It’s also found that regular use of palm oil in cooking lowers serum cholesterol content to a significant extent. Palm oil also stimulates the synthesis of HDL cholesterol and removal of harmful LDL cholesterol. As a whole, the oil is good for people having normal levels of cholesterol and triglyceride. Presence of more tocotrionols in this oil as compared to other polyunsaturated oils, poses a lower risk of cancer.

Profile of the exporters:

The palm oil exporters in US are now known to the world for their supply of the best quality of crude palm oil- free from all possible adulteration and as per international standards. Cooking oil producers find crude oil of extremely supreme quality and very suitable for manufacturing refined palm oil. Here are some interesting features of the exporters who have made them the most trusted suppliers of crude palm oil in the international market:

They collect products from the most reputed crude oil suppliers from different parts of the world.
Strong distribution channel makes it possible for these exporters to quickly deliver the ordered products to the client’s doorstep. Thus, they have a long list of most satisfied loyal clients.
Price of the crude palm oil offered by them is the most market competitive.