Do Things You Hate, Love Yourself More
Tiffany Sun

Excellent post! A few friends will definitely be linked to this!

The only part I’d disagree with is the “Go to school: All you need is a college degree that tells companies that you’re worth paying for” part.
Depending on what country you live in, what career you wish to pursue and what kind of person you are, that is not always correct.

In some situations or job applications, certain degrees can even have an adverse effect (who would have ever thought?!).

As you noted, in particular countries (America? The UK?) for the moment no one is going anywhere without that pesky piece of paper.

A handy alternative of the same thread would be to “Study or Read daily” or “Read with intention” (nonfiction/self-improvement/life stuff/tiffanysblogonmedium*cough* :P)

This suggestion is something everyone could implement before, after or completely separate from college. A lifelong habit that would put them leagues ahead of anyone else..

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