I used to believe that when I heard it.
For A Broom

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! (The anniversary and healthy relationship). That is honestly amazing, and something we all strive towards. Here’s to many more years!

Second of all, wholeheartedly agree.

Long story short, I don’t mind disagreements or baggage. Let’s be honest; every person on this planet has something they could work on (which is still a positive thing!).

What I’ve learnt to focus on is not WHAT they are, but HOW we approach them.

Mark Manson’s “One Trait”(to look for in a partner) blog post is something I have on my regular reading list, to remind myself who to stay away from + to keep my own head on straight.

It can be summed up with:
The ability to see one’s own flaws and be accountable for them.

Because the fact is that problems are inevitable. Every relationship …will run up against their emotional baggage at various times. How long the relationship lasts and how well it goes comes down to both people being willing and able to recognize the snags in themselves and communicate them openly.

….Having open, intimate conversations with someone where you’re able to openly talk about one another’s flaws without resorting to blaming or shaming is possibly the hardest thing to do in any relationship. Very few people are capable of it.

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