How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win
Caitlin Johnstone

Are you suggesting we shouldn’t let 7 year old girls determine US foreign policy?

I was always considered a right wing pro-military conservative.

Remember the Maine! Remember the Gulf of Tonkin!

The US spent $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine. The US ambassador was caught on a wiretap acknowledging that. It worked. The US govt and MSM blame Putin.

The citizens of Crimea vote 97% to be part of Russia, as they had been for 100+ years until the USSR transfer in the 50s. Russians have a major naval base there. The US govt and MSM call it a Russian invasion.

MIT prof concludes the previous Syrian gas attack could not have been launched from Syrian Army held territory. Turkish politician charged with treason for leaking wiretap showing that Turkey provided Sarin precursors to Syrian Jihadists. MSM ‘knows’ Assad did it. The recent gas attack story has lots of holes in it as well. The MSM loves playing warmonger.

The US ambassador meets with Turkish ambassador in Benghazi to discuss weapons transfer from Benghazi to Syria through Turkey. He was attacked and killed. Maybe some locals thought the weapons were theirs. US govt and MSM blame movie.

Libya was destroyed on some pretext to satisfy external interests. US govt and MSM claim a ‘responsibility to protect.’ We ruined the country.

I now think the US govt and MSM lie 24/7.

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