Excuses — I Don’t Feel Like It

How many times have you not done something because “you don’t feel like it”? I’ll readily admit (and my family and friends will confirm) that when it comes to maintaining a regular exercise regiment, this is my #1 excuse. It’s not that I don’t have time. It’s because I don’t feel like it.

The funny thing is, I am the complete opposite in all other areas of my life. When it comes to business, volunteering, or helping out friends, I push myself to meet my commitments to myself and to others.

When I re-read Peter Voogd’s book 6 Months to 6 Figures, it forced me to re-assess this negative tendency in this area. Peter mentions how most people allow their feelings to determine their decisions, which then determine their actions. Successful people make a decision, act on it, and the feelings follow.

Each time you make a decision, you are making a commitment to yourself. When you meet that commitment, you are training your brain to want to continue meeting your commitments.

Each time I choose to NOT do something I had already committed myself to, I am breaking my word to myself. I am setting a precedent that my subconscious mind will pick up on. If I apply it in one area of my life, how easily it can overflow in other areas!

So, for me, the clear action is to start meeting my commitments to myself when it comes to exercise.

What commitments are you not keeping? Are you using the “I don’t feel like it” excuse? DECIDE to change that, start taking ACTION, and our FEELINGS will catch up soon enough.

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