Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a crypto gathering without bags of stickers floating around, adorning laptops and random street signs all around the event venue (looking at you, Kevin Owocki). But since we are all…well, you know…we thought we’d go virtual with the whole sticker situation as well.


How some 2020 resolutions are already coming to fruition!

As a Romanian immigrant who witnessed the constraints of a totalitarian regime, if only for a few short years, the path to blockchain was always going to happen for me. 2019 marked the 30th anniversary of the Romanian revolution. Had it not happened, my life would have been very different…

We’re incentivizing mindfulness, community togetherness and fun as we head to Japan for Devcon V

2019 is drawing to a close and since we’re heading to the land of Zen for Devcon V, we thought it was high time for the community to recenter, regroup and recharge. This year was yet another wild ride across the cryptoverse and began with a chilly Crypto Winter that…

A redesign for life: How young designers are raising the bar for web3 work and switching to crypto freelance

Nooshin’s self portrait submitted to our Faces of Ethereum bounty

“Blockchain is a window to a world where work is done differently. It’s a chance for a world without borders, a world that opens up more opportunities for people to live easier and have more control over their lives.”

Let’s get to know you — tell us a little bit about yourselves.

My wife and I started this design partnership almost seven years…

A look at how communities have changed through time and practical examples of crypto communities we’re enabling

As humans, we “come together” with others all the time, in all kinds of ways: playing sports, marching in protest, attending music festivals or tech conferences — even though many believe we are drifting further and further away from the true meaning of community. …

Bounties Network returns to Berlin to share the #ETHSommer spirit during #BerlinBlockchainWeek

It’s fair to say that 2019 has taken us on a pretty wild ride across the crypto space. We began the year enveloped in the chilly Crypto Winter that froze token holders in their seats. Low prices created the perfect environment for crypto-startups to gain greater focus, demonstrating product and…

Borderless blockchain: opportunity without discrimination

Adrian’s self portrait submitted to our Faces of Ethereum bounty

“Sometimes we just get six hours in a day, sometimes we don’t get anything, but if we’re “lucky” we get our regular schedule of six hours with electricity / six hours without.”

Let’s get to know you — tell us a little bit about yourself, Adrian.

My name is Adrian Pirela, I was born in Maracaibo, a very warm city in Zulia, Venezuela. I’m…

Redefining stories: crypto, hope and human potential

Brandon’s self portrait submitted to our Faces of Ethereum bounty

“Crypto is supposed to be a tool for the betterment of society as a whole”

Let’s get to know you — tell us a little bit about yourself, Brandon.

My name is Brandon and I’m from the United States. I am in my mid 20’s and currently located in the Phoenix, Arizona area. …

We celebrate all the people building and growing the Ethereum ecosystem through our digital portrait gallery

As part of our continuous work to broaden perspectives and inclusivity within the blockchain ecosystem, we came up with the idea for the “Faces of Ethereum” portrait series . This idea is very simple: submit portraits of the people involved in building and growing the Ethereum ecosystem. …

Continuing the conversation from our Impact panel at ETHDenver by connecting projects and making an impact — the crypto way

Our panel at ETHDenver

Kicking off the 2019 ETH events’ calendar in style, over 2,000 participants descended upon the Denver Sports Castle for a whirlwind 48 hours packed with interesting…

Simona Pop

Head of Community @ethstatus | Co-founder @ethbounties, creative & speaker. Omelette eater.

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