How access to ECE can save Africa money

About 72 % of the people living in African urban towns live in slums. Because they are poor, they can only afford to send their children to schools within their income bracket, which are usually schools with inadequate resources and most often than not, teachers who are not fully qualified. All this accumulates to the fact that the children living in slums, who by the way make up the majority group of urban children, end up receiving poor quality education.

When one considers the numbers, this is sad, but not sad enough to rule out the chance that these children living in slums have to a decent and successful adult life. When we dream at Simba Education, we see an Africa in which all children, regardless of class, get an equal chance at education and adult life success.

It has been proven that good quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) can have higher levels of positive impact on a country both socially and economically. The most obvious benefit of a good quality ECE is academic achievement. It has been shown that children who receive a good educational background perform better than those who do not, in terms of both rates of school completion as well as average test scores.

Africa can benefit from good quality ECE by saving a lot of money in the long run. Failing to properly invest in our children may lead to the following costs which can be avoided through quality ECE;

  • The high cost of academic failure. Children without a good foundation will keep repeating grades over and over again, losing their parents or the government money in the process. For example, most schools in Zimbabwe now have a Repeaters’ Class, this is costly both economically and socially as these classes are also usually notorious for misbehaviour.
  • The high cost of poor productivity in the workforce which potentially costs companies and the government a lot of money.
  • The high cost of prisons and the criminal justice system as there is a higher rate of criminal involvement and substance abuse in adults who did not receive a good educational foundation.
  • The high health costs which can potentially be greatly reduced by properly educating children as most health problems are often rooted in early childhood experiences.

In order to save Africa the social and economic burden, there is need to make ECE more accessible to every child. Simba Education has made it its mission to provide a solution to this problem, “Lack of Access to Quality ECE” by empowering educators with the tools necessary to deliver quality early childhood education using mobile technology.

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