Simba Token: The road to the kingdom! The killer of all dogs!

As I write this article, I greet all potential Neptune passengers, namely you, with my cat Simba purring in my lap and the positive energy given by the magnificent sky!

In my previous article, I briefly introduced “myself”…

Behind the scenes of the Dogecoin incident — Elon vs. Bitcoin — Institutions

Dogecoin was introduced by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer on a rainy winter day on December 6, 2013. The Dogecoin protocol was designed based on Luckycoin and Litecoin. Scrypt was used as the algorithm technology. Therefore, SHA-256…

Me, Simba and Satoshi

Dear inhabitants of the crypto planet! I greet you all with respect and love!
As someone who doesn’t like adjectives and too fancy words, I want to introduce myself to you. I do not think that my name and surname are important. Any name-surname combination can…

Elite Mangudai AKA Simbatoshi

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