Simba Token: The road to the kingdom! The killer of all dogs!

As I write this article, I greet all potential Neptune passengers, namely you, with my cat Simba purring in my lap and the positive energy given by the magnificent sky!

In my previous article, I briefly introduced “myself”, who is of no importance and is someone like everyone else. So I will not go into that again.

First of all, if you’re taking the trouble to read this article, I can say that you are up a notch compared to many classical investor-trader profiles in the crypto market. Unfortunately, we see that the percentage of investors who read all the articles about the project they will invest in the current crypto market, research the project, and try to understand the project’s vision is not very high. This includes Bitcoin investors too. I had mentioned this detail in my previous articles. Therefore, this article may be a milestone for you. Please note the date.

In this article, I will briefly talk about what Simba token is and specifically what it is not. The projects describing themselves through documents with an endless number of pages are in the red-flag category for me. The most effective way is the shortest and the most direct one. — From the teachings of Bruce Lee —

We have 3 main mottos: Honesty, Decentralization and the Hakuna Matata!

The cryptocurrency market I’ve been in for years and Bitcoin have taught me a lot. They helped me gain a lot of things. They taught me something even while I was losing. Based on all these experiences, I want to bring my idea and dream into being. I believe that experiencing the Simba token will bring many benefits to you too.

Now I want to talk about our 3 mottos and explain them a little bit:

1- Honesty: As a team, our main reference point in this matter is ethical values. You will understand this better when you review our articles about Simba token. You will never hear from us things that are too difficult or impossible or even unnecessary. E.g. Simba token will not be the new Ethereum. It will not be used to buy coffee from Starbucks. For example, you will not see the website update as one of the steps in the roadmap. To better explain what I mean, I’m thinking about explaining this under the title of “What Simba token is not?”.

2- Decentralization: Satoshi’s vision is our source of inspiration in this matter. It is the purpose of the existence of Bitcoin and therefore cryptocurrencies. We have this vision and we will stick to it. I will briefly talk about how to decentralize the Simba token:

** No Team tokens:
There is not even a single token allocated for Simba team. While 21% of current tokens has been burned, 79% of them have been added to Uniswap and liquidity has been locked forever.

** No marketing/airdrop tokens: In our opinion, marketing/community tokens = Team tokens. Obviously, the allocation of some of the tokens to marketing or community is a situation that can be manipulated and give harm to decentralization. I am not saying that this is definitely the case, but it is a situation that may cast doubt on decentralization. I can hear you ask how. While you are buying tokens by putting the money you have earned by force and labor into the market from outside; Devs may sell tokens allocated to marketing. Or it can sell by sending it to different wallets as a marketing payment. Unfortunately, this is something that has happened frequently.

** No presale: Simba token is directly listed on Uniswap. There is no presale or private sale.

Conclusion: Simba token has been designed to be 100% decentralized. The team can own Simba tokens by buying them from the open market like anyone else, but there are no tokens allocated to them in the beginning. Therefore, if a token is requested from the team, our answer is unfortunately “NO”. I have to buy it from the market, like everyone else. Yes, I am the founder of Simba token, but I do not own the project. Simba token project belongs to the community. All Savannah people can benefit from it. It’s a fair start, a decentralized system.

3- Hakuna Matata: No worries, no trouble! Simba will fix it!

What is Simba token?
Simba token is a 100% decentralized community project programmed to take the kingdom’s throne by dominating the meme token market. There are no marketing and team tokens. 21% of the total supply have been burned, and the remaining 79% have been added to Uniswap and liquidity has been locked forever.

What Simba token is not?

— It is not a project that has raised investments with presale, where anyone, including the team, has an extra token. Simba token is equally distant or close to everyone.

— Simba token is not a project that belongs to any individual or group. The project has a founder but does not have an owner. The entire community owns the project.

— Simba token is not a project that will save the world and revolutionize the financial system. For example, it does not promise some DeFi scam features. Simba is a fully transparent, decentralized meme token with a flat structure. You either have it or you don’t. It’s that simple. However, I would like to present my perspective on the matter through a few explanations:

Mainnet: For what? We could have put it in the roadmap and said Simba would be mainnet at the end of the year. But we prefer to be honest. The Ethereum mainnet is like a carrier wagon for the crypto ecosystem and is sufficient despite all its cons. Bitcoin mainnet established by The Big Boss Satoshi, on the other hand, is sufficient to change the entire financial system.

Staking: With Eth 2.0, ether staking is already possible. You don’t need to pay money to get assets/tokens, which others can generate almost for free with just a few clicks, for free.

Farming: As lions, we are not herbivores. Therefore, we do not need foods such as vegetables or fruits. However, sometimes we also eat grass to settle our stomach instinctively. We are not currently thinking to do so.

Swap: There is no need for an extra swap system for Simba. You can swap Ether-Simba tokens with Uniswap. There are many swap systems on the market that copy Uniswap. Uniswap is the best so far. Unless someone creates something better than Uniswap, there is no need for a swap system.

Answers to some possible questions:
1- When airdrop?
— Never. We would like to do this, but there won’t be any tokens allocated to the team. We can buy from the market like everyone else. Fully personal.

2- Why didn’t you send some of the tokens to VB?
— We love Vitalik. His contribution is indisputable. However, this does not change the fact that he is also a human being and has human feelings. VB can sell any token, die, have his wallet stolen (get hacked). There is no trust in any person or institution in the concept of “decentralized”. We only trust math and algorithm. Otherwise, the wild plains of Savannah will not tolerate any mistake.

3- When big exchanges?
— We can actually ask this question to someone from the future. I cannot give you an exact date, but I don’t think the big stock markets will be indifferent to Simba walking along the road to the kingdom, namely the journey to Neptune.

4- Why not “to the Moon” but “to the Neptune”?
— Each project can set its unique goal about which planet it wants to land. Some want to go to the Moon, others to Mars. The Moon is 384,000 km away from Earth. And Mars is 78 million km away. Neptune, on the other hand, is 4.3 billion km away and is the farthest planet from Earth. The goal of the king Simba should always be higher than the others.

5- When staking, farming, swap, mainnet etc.?
— Never. Simba token was created as a standard 100% decentralized erc20 token and will remain that way. Simba draws its strength from decentralization and the community, not from promises.

6- Will Simba pump hard? When Neptune?
— Sometimes it’s more explanatory to answer the question with another question. Answer: Can lions also do something that dogs can do? Can they do it even better than the dogs?

7- What is the next?
— Simba is already born. Soon his uncle Scar will betray and kill his father Mufasa. Those who watch documentaries would know that the only condition for male lion cubs to survive is to grow up, become stronger as soon as possible and declare their kingdom. For Simba, the next step is simply Neptune, nothing else.

Hakuna Matata: No worries, no trouble! Simba will fix it!

Baby Simba is born. His entire family takes care of him affectionately. However, after a while, he will face the realities of the wild nature of Savannah. As he grows up, he will attract the attention of his enemies. He will make new friends and his family will grow with you. His testosterone level will increase, his muscles will grow stronger and he will have a bushy mane. He will fight rival clans and everyone on the road to the kingdom. If you want to witness your lovely friend Simba’s journey to Neptune, we invite you to our family:
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