Forget Automakers or Ride-Sharing Companies; A Startup Will Be The One To Bring Us Driverless Taxis…

One use case intrigues me, the classic commuter carpool. How lame! While it’s far off, driverless cars plus on-demand matching (SmartCar Pool) solves so many problems, posed by the classic carpool, mainly synchronizing a finite number of people (2 to 4) from one area to one place of work. If one person has a last minute glitch, working late, sick kid, etc. the smartcar pool finds a work-around from a large pool of subscribers. Individuals can opt in and out in real time. Worst case, a single rider driverless car handle the midnight run. Subscriptions could per-ride or monthly, as needed.

Long term, companies could have smaller parking lots. Busy downtowns, whether urban or suburban, like downtown Palo Alto or Mountain View, create a cost / inconvenience burden for employees. SmartCarPools could ease that pain. Couples could drop down to one car. We won’t have to worry about aging Boomers creating a mega senior driver hazard on the road.

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