New Technologies unfolds as each day passes by. Although not as a surprise, Technology has always been there from the onset. More on Tech Stories later… 😉


Samsung, A major Technology Company specializing on Electronics and Mobile Phones has been one of the top Tech Company of all time.

The newest tech rolled out by Samsung is The adoption of a New P-Series standalone SMART signage Technology becoming the first (And ONLY) company to adopt Tizen-powered Premium Display.

A Little Info On Tizen

Tizen is an Open Source Platform built from ground up for better display quality using various advanced tools and APIs.


Tizen is Samsung’s New SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage
 Platform). and This comes with a lot of new features and advantages which will be rolled out on new Samsung Products.

Tizen On Fleek!!!

Unlike Other Past Samsung SSSP (Closed Source) , Tizen is an Open Source project which literally means It is backed by a host of expert developers who develop, contribute and Improve the Tizen Project.

Samsung Partnership with Tizen seems like a good move. Let’s look for forward for new Samsung products that will be powered with Tizen-powered Premium Display 🙂 .

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