SKINCOIN: An Ethereum Based eSports Platform For Trading Skins

The eSports gambling industry is constantly growing and has seen a tremendous growth in the number of users and popularity ever since skins were introduced. Skin gambling is the use of virtual goods, primarily for betting (also known as item betting).

It involves betting on the outcomes of eSports matches risking in game items known as ‘skins’ instead of cash, as you would with a conventional bookmaker. Skins are essential accessories for weaponry and ammunition in popular eSports games like CS:GO and Dota 2 with millions of players!

While Skin gambling popularity is relatively high, further growth has been severely hampered by the Washington State Gaming Commission. As a result, Platforms that offers eSports betting services resolved into creating their own site-wide virtual currencies which can be used for betting, exchanging skins and back to cash. The problem here lies in the fact that these virtual currencies being issued are unique to a particular platform and can’t be used on other gambling platforms which has support for Skin gambling. This is where SKINCOIN comes in.

What is SkinCoin?

SkinCoin is a universal currency (cryptocurrency in real sense) which is powered by Ethereum Blockchain platform.

Following the introduction and launch of Skincoin exchange platform in August 2017, Users can exchange Skins for SkinCoins —back and forth at any time. Also, an API will be developed, granting access to third party websites for converting Skins for game likes CS:GO, Dota 2 & Team Fortress 2. The good thing about this is that, Skincoin will be used universally across various eSports gambling platforms. This way, the limitations imposed by Washington State gaming commission are overcome.

SKINCOIN ICO Information:

Skincoin will be hosting an initial coin offering (ICO) where Skincoin Platform native tokens "SKIN" will be offered for sale to early investors. The funds raised during Skincoin ICO will be used to fund developments of the SKINCOIN Platform.

The token sale is scheduled to start on 21st June 2017 00:00 GMT and concluding on 21st July 2017 00:00 GMT, or until the maximum funding amount of 100,000ETH is reached. The minimum funding goal is capped at 10,000 ETH.

To Participate in Skincoin ICO, investors are required to send ETH to the Skincoin smart contract address which will be publicly available before and during the ICO.

Note: Do not Send ETH from an Exchange wallet. Investors are advised to contribute using an ERC20-compliant wallet— (Mist, MyEtherWallet & Parity).

The maximum amount of SKIN tokens to be issued during the ICO is 600 000 000 SKIN. During the ICO, SKIN tokens/coins will be offered for sale at the price of 1 ETH = 6000 SKINS. There is an additional 20% discounts for investors during the first two days.

SkinCoin has a total supply of 1 Billion SKIN tokens which will be distributed according to the following schedule:

  • 600 million tokens will be offered for sale to fundraisers/investors.
  • 300 million will remain in the SKINCOIN Foundation until the official exchange is launched, the tokens will be using as starting turnover to exchange skins at the market rate, and will be used to form a stable market and further development over the next five years. Tokens will be stored on a wallet with multi-signatures.
  • 100 million will be distributed among team members.

Meet the SkinCoin Team:

The SkinCoin team has been actively creating, developing, and supporting trading platforms and gambling services within the game items (skins) market for the most popular games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2 since 2013. Here are some Skincoin team members:

For more Information about Skincoin, See the Skincoin Whitepaper.

Connect with SkinCoin Community:

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